Posts for: February, 2016

Oral Biofilm is a name created by a team of dentists and medical professionals that have been leading the Oral-Systemic Health (OSH) movement advocating for the greater collaboration between dentists and medical practitioners due to the increasing links research has found between oral health and a large number of chronic and serious diseases.  Oral Biofilm is the bacteria buildup from periodontal disease that enters the bloodstream through the mouth that, left untreated, can cause havoc within the body.

The first studies of public significance linked gum disease – gingivitis and periodontitis – to increased risks for heart attack, stroke, diabetes and hypertension.  As researchers delve deeper into correlations between specific bacteria and specific illnesses, additional links have been found to cancer of the pancreas and kidneys, dementia, Alzheimer’s, rheumatoid arthritis and a number of other autoimmune conditions.

The bacteria found in the sufferers of these illnesses was also found in the Oral Biofilm built up in the pockets between diseased gum and teeth.  At this point in time, OSH has not yet determined which factor is cause and which is effect, but it is believed that better periodontal care coupled with greater collaboration between dentists and patients’ primary care physicians could help us see an overall decrease in the prevalence of these chronic illnesses.

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